Advantages and disadvantages of social networks for businesses

The advantage of social networks can help businesses growing fast. On the other hand, it can cut down a business, including a long-standing business.




Advantages of social networks for businesses


1.The social network helps businesses reach a large number of customers.




Many businesses or small shops thanks to the advantage of social networks that flourish. Popular that is the social network Facebook.

Because of the ability to reach potential customers on these platforms, businesses can target the right customers.


2. Social networks help maintain the image – brand of the business to customers



Social networking platforms are a great tool to promote and maintain the brand’s strength. Uploading photos and videos to these platforms can save you a lot of money.


3. Help businesses understand customers and customers understand businesses well


The advantage of social networks will support promotions and volunteer activities or gratitude events. Customers will feel closer to the business. Thereby the relationship between customers and businesses is improved.


Disadvantages for businesses


There are seemingly ordinary things that could trigger a media crisis. A gesture is a disagreement

1. Trouble from internal personnel

Only internal conflicts but also communicated within the internal group. Then spread on social networks to make the company’s image ugly. From that incident adversely affects the image of the company with its partners.

2. Trouble from partner

There are contradictions but do not behave so smartly that your partner makes you online. So other partners look in and evaluate. From there, the relationship between you and other partners is fractured.

3. Trouble with customers

This is the most common and most likely type of trouble. Just bad communication is very easily taken by customers and posted online. Often communication crises occur from seemingly very small situations.

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