About us



Using Blockchain technology is the current trend in automation and data exchange in the 4.0 era. This revolution has never happened in the history of mankind with a fast pace that creates entirely new possibilities and has a great impact on political, social and economic systems in the world.


In a commercialized society, information technology allows each person to explore their individual needs, which simplifies transactions and significantly reduce costs for both buyers and sellers. That’s why ECOWORLD – multinational group focuses on developing activities in five main areas: “Real Estate – Finance – Technology – Communication – Retails” to bring technology applications closer to human life.




Today, we all know Singapore as a beautiful island, a top financial center in the world. This is the result of transforming mindset to bring a tiny fishing village to the third-largest GDP in the world. In only 20 years, the most developed Dubai City has been grown on the desert full of sand and wind, which is the great admiration of the world. They show the world the vision, strategy to attract investors and foreign capital and how to make use of the achievements of modern science and technology.


Pioneering in the super flat revolution with the foundation of the industry 4.0 in the field of Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Sharing Economy, etc., Ecoworld creates ecosystem for business environment, shared economy and goes toward the Green – Clean – Nice – Modern living environment for global population at Ecoworld City.


PAYASIAN strategic partner:


Payasian is an electronic payment wallet, which is a future payment solution based on Blockchain and Mobile Technology (Fintech) which allows to convert between national currencies and electronic money. Payasian aims to connect people through the Internet, build a world without cash – the future trend of borderless banks.



Payasian applications include the following functions: E-Wallet (Asian payment e-wallet) accepting different currencies including electronic money; Exchange (currency exchange center); Payment (Mobile – Internet payment); Social (Shared social network). This is also the strategic partner of Ecoworld in converting and identical trading units.


At Ecoworld, we have the environment to realize any dream come true, if you are hungry enough to succeed. Strive for yourself and our future generations to have an ideal living – working environment.