6 things you should not do on social networks

Things not to do on social networks: Currently popular social networks include: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube, Snapchat, Iameco, … Bring lots of benefits to help people share and find friends. . However, there are also dangers if you share it incorrectly, it will have very bad consequences.


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Here are 6 things not to do on social media:


1. Details of relationships on social networks


mối quan hệ


Whatever is going on between you and your best lover, do not make it public. Don’t talk about what happens in your bedroom, even the name of your pet or other private things just to add special value to your relationship. It can lose that person’s trust and respect for you.


2. Photos of kissing on social networks



Most people think that showing affection in public in public places is a bad and somewhat objectionable act. Besides, your relatives will not appreciate you when you see such photos. On the other hand, many people say that couples who share intimate photos on social networks often make the other person feel insecure in the relationship.

3. Take a selfie at sacred events



Some venues and events require absolute solemnity, such as funerals, cemeteries, churches, or other places of worship, so laughing or taking pictures at such places. This is very offensive and unacceptable. That’s why taking selfies is something you shouldn’t do on social media.


4. The illegal acts



If you like to be proud of violating all applicable laws such as drunk driving, taking a selfie on the highway, using illegal weapons, etc., you can be fined, and the worst is thrown into jail.


5. The objections


Even if you make a comment for the purpose of a joke, you should be careful about what you are writing because maybe other people will think you are trying to insult someone. You should avoid topics such as religion, politics, gender differences and other serious issues that can cause controversy.


6. Complain about work


Even if you think your colleagues won’t be able to see your work complaints, social media is unpredictable. They can learn about your attitude towards your boss or working conditions in other ways. So no matter how frustrated with your job, don’t post it on social media, or you might even lose your job.


Therefore, not everything can be shared on social networks. It can be very dangerous if you do it the wrong way.

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