2 sides of social networking

Social networking was born as a communication tool and connected millions and billions of people around the world. It brings a lot of benefits like connecting with people remotely. However, its benefits come with annoyances.


The popular social networking today

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedln, Instagram, Pinterest, Iameco, etc.


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Tính 2 mặt của mạng xã hội


The benefits that social networks can bring:


mạng xã hội


1.Easy to share and express your views to anyone on social networks.

Social networking is an open world, you can post anything you want to share on your “wall”. Moments, joys, knowledge you collect and share with anyone.


2. Find people who share your views on social media and connect with them easily.

You can find friends who share your views and interests in group groups or fanpages. Thereby can connect and meet.


3. Identify trends, find information posted easily.

Usually on these networks, there is no “hot” information. Whether positive or negative are shared quickly and widely. Therefore, you can update the trend very quickly.


Can use social networks for business because of the large number of potential customers.


Because of the large number of users and many different hobby behaviors. Which networks attract so many business people on it. This business can expand very quickly from domestic to international markets.


However, it also comes with a lot of annoying problems if it is abused and used for the wrong purposes



1.Easy to reveal personal information

Because you often share your location information, your location is easily exposed. It’s not good that you post information that in the next few days you will hang out on social networks. If you are single this will attract uninvited guests.


2. Spend a lot of time on social networks

You spend too much time online and watching the news. Most of your time is consumed almost.


3. Be prone to depression and worry too much about what others think of you

When you start being “addicted” to being acclaimed and commented on by others. You will take care of your posts to see if there are many likes or not. And you will be depressed if you do not have many interactions and support.


4.”Overloaded” because there are too many sources

This happens when you get too much information from multiple sources, both verified and unverified. Having so much non-selective information will make you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to believe it.

Therefore, be careful when using social networks, even in personal life or for business use. Also be careful with what you say on social media.


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